I’m humbly asking to earn your support as we fight for our future, together. I will NOT let you down!

The values on which our country was built are being destroyed more every day.

In Florida our rights are being threatened, the family unit is being torn apart, and an unequal justice system is picking and choosing who gets to control our lives. This must end, and I’m determined to do it.

Jeremy Brown’s Story

I am a product of the American Dream. I am a Retired Special Forces Combat Veteran and American who was born in Kentucky to a single Mom, raised in North Carolina by my World War II Veteran Grandfather, stationed across the country, deployed around the world and retired here in Tampa.

My military awards and decorations pale in comparison to my greatest accomplishment and reward: my five intelligent, talented, and caring daughters. Since retirement I built a small business and a wonderful new life in Tampa with my girlfriend and partner of over eight years. It is my love for my family, the Tampa Bay community, Florida, and America that motivates me to continue the fight for the promises of our Forefathers: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

My top three priorities if elected:


Local government overreach has gone beyond anything we’ve ever seen. Our communities no longer feel safe with the rapid influx of illegal immigrants and expansion of programs like “Defunding the Police” that only harm our own citizens. It’s time to refocus on what made America great and return to our roots by restoring our Constitutional rights.


  1. I will never vote for any legislation that steals or restricts your liberty or forces you to pay for evil agendas.
  2. More laws and regulations = less freedom. I will demand two laws are repealed before I’ll support any new law.
  3. I will never support medical mandates.


The family unit is being intentionally torn apart by aggressive programs aimed especially at minorities and paid for by our own tax dollars. Divisive programs like Critical Race Theory in our schools are turning children against parents. And gender-confusing tactics are being used to control our kids’ minds. These policies are destroying our local communities and must end.

  1. I will fight to protect all life by ending baby murder.
  2. I will demand vaccine studies that compare vaccinated children to unvaxxed to determine the true effects on childhood disorder rates.
  3. I will push for reforms in the family law system that respect the rights of BOTH mothers and fathers putting THEM in total control of their children’s future, not judges.
  4. I will support home schooling and school choice giving parents control on their children’s education, not teachers’ unions and school board despots.
  5. I will seek economic policies that allow a return to the single income household that provides the financial freedom for one parent to accept the greatest job ever: raising their children.


All men are created equal, but are not being treated equally by our 2-tiered justice system.

  1. I will seek reforms in our criminal justice system that respects the hard work of our brave law enforcement officers while protecting the rights of every citizen, honor the principles of “innocent-until-proven-guilty,” treat convicted criminals humanely by focusing on helping them rather than just housing them.
  2. I will support ethical and community-based law enforcement efforts that build trust and cooperation between the police and the citizens they’re sworn to protect.
  3. I will demand judges be held accountable for improper application of the laws and radical judicial activism.
  4. I will pursue policies that seek to reduce crime by providing economic opportunities and promote community involvement rather than allowing citizens to be locked away as if they are irredeemable.
  5. I will support the establishment of a Public Defender branch for Civil and Constitutional rights.
  6. I will fight for stricter election security laws, including Voter ID and more accurate voter rolls.

We’ve evolved into a 2-tier justice system that treats citizens unequally based on how government wants us controlled even down to the local level. Our Sheriffs and local police have over-reached their authority and no longer follow Constitutional principles. This is causing undue and unfair burdens on those needing protection the most. This trend can and must be reversed.

Military Career

I’ve served my community and country my entire life, from being a Volunteer Firefighter and EMT to a twenty-year military career serving in the US Army’s Elite Special Operations Community with the 1st Ranger Battalion, three different Special Forces Groups (1st, 7th, & 5th) and Special Operations Command-Central (SOCCENT).

I’ve served in seventeen countries on five of the seven continents including numerous combat tours in Afghanistan, Iraq, and “non-declared” combat environments and been awarded 2 Bronze Stars.

It is time for Patriots, not politicians.

Warriors, not wimps.

Leaders, not leeches.

Champions, not cowards.

It is time for Winter Soldiers to stand up, not Sunshine Patriots.

My name is Jeremy Brown, Inmate #1875858

I approve this message knowing damn well the FBI won’t but will not hesitate to use it in a compromised courtroom.

May God forgive us for allowing evil to advance. But, may He grant us the strength to overcome it.

“de oppresso liber … Liberty or Death”

I’m humbly asking to earn your support as we fight for our future, together. I will NOT let you down!

Paid by Jeremy Brown, Republican, for Florida House of Representatives District 62.
Jeremy is a retired US Army Special Forces Master Sergeant and volunteer Firefighter/EMT.  Use of military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Army, the Department of Defense, U.S. Fire Administration, or the Department of Homeland Security.